Our training programs are set to offer high-quality culinary & processing training that meets international standards of Food Handling & Safety. We will also provide our manufacturers and participants Food Handlers Certification administered by our site Certified Proctor. This Certificate can
also be completed virtually, to ensure persons throughout the country can attain the necessary food handling knowledge and certification. Participants will also be trained in international standard packaging requirements. Participants will be able to meet challenges with a systematic approach to
quality food production, as per food manufacturing services.


We have designed a list of programs to directly address the current knowledge gaps locally. Specifically for local product and food based companies that want to expand their operations to reach commercial markets. Participants enrolled in the program will go through an intense bootcamp exercise specifically
designed to get their products ready for distribution. The initial program will consist of guest lecturers, industry experts and will be led by trained facilitators. Our goal is to ensure quality products through packaging, pricing and promotions. We hope to work with the Ministry of Health & SBDC, Access
Accelerator Program to facilitate many of our incubator services and onsite mentorship. Training Topics include but are not limited to:

Product Packaging Requirements
Product Catalog
SKU & Bar Codes
Wholesale and Suggested Retail Prices
Distribution Marketing Strategies
Sales Pitch
Purchase Order Inventory & Payment Terms
Accounting Software/ Bookkeeping
Branding / Photoshoot
Label Review
FDA Standard
ServSafe® Food Handler*
Safety & Foodhandlers
Health & Nutrition
Specialty Classes

*ServSafe® Food Handler- We will offer the ServSafe® Food Handler Course virtually and in person which makes it convenientfor our clients and new food producers.

About the ServSafe® Food Handler Course/Guide: • Course Length: Approximately two hours. • Assessment Length: A 40- question, non-proctored test with no time limit. • Language: English • Certificate: Included with the guide to be signed by instructor upon successful completion of program.

Specialty Classes- Include but are not limited to Jam Making, Ice Cream Making , Seasonal Chef Curated Classes (E.g Christmas Ham & Turkey, Recipe Based Classes) Quickbooks for your business. These classes will be available to our members and non-members. Hosting these training programs at our facility will increase the overall kitchen and business  knowledge of all of our clients guaranteeing their success and also ours. These classes increase the quality and standard of production, on and off of
our compound.