GROW: The Food Lab’s Services

Training Services

Small Business Services & Programs

We have developed programs for local products and food based companies that wish to expand and extend their reach to international markets. Our goal is to facilitate the production of high quality food products by providing instruction on best practices for packaging, pricing and promotions. We have designed a list of programs to directly address the current knowledge gaps locally.

Specifically for local product and food based companies that want to expand their operations to reach commercial markets. Participants enrolled in the program will go through an intense bootcamp exercise specifically designed to get their products ready for distribution. The initial program will consist of guest lecturers, industry experts and will be led by trained facilitators. Our goal is to ensure quality products through packaging, pricing and promotions. Training topics include:

  • Sales Presentation
  • Product Packaging
  • Product Marketing
  • SKUs & Bar Codes
  • Pricing
  • Recipe Development
  • Business Development
  • One-on-One Classes Available
  • Specialty Classes and More

Our training programs are set to offer high-quality culinary & processing training that meets international standards of Food Handling & Safety. Participants will also be trained in international standard packaging requirements. Participants will be able to meet challenges with a systematic approach to quality food production, as per food manufacturing services.