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GROW is an FDA-certified food processing facility and incubator space designed to assist food and product-based manufacturers with training, processing, packaging, and distribution of their products.

Investment Review
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Investment Review
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Reasons to Invest

  1. Enhances local food sustainability and food security in The Bahamas.

  2. Enhances entrepreneurship by allowing processors, farmers, and chefs to scale up their production without the cost of overhead increasing revenue and employment.

  3. The Food Processing market is projected to exceed $4 Billion by 2024. 

  4. Reduces National Debt by decreasing local import and increasing Exports 
  5. FDA certification gives local producers the ability to export. 

  6. Phased model to systematically tackle challenges in the food chain in stages.

  7.  The ability to convert 11 million lbs of onion wastage, into more than $44 million in revenue. 

  8. GROW: The Food Lab is a food incubator that provides training & networking opportunities for entrepreneurs from various sectors.

  9. An Investment in GROW is an investment in all Bahamians.

  10. The Founders are processors and understand the challenges. They’re committed to bringing their knowledge connections and expertise to the table to assist persons in both the public and private sector.

  11. GROW works along with public & private entities to create an all encompassing approach to solving our challenges when it comes to food sustainability.

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Invest in The Future of Food Sustainability

Our vision is to revolutionize the agriculture industry in the Bahamas by creating opportunities and growth for farmers, artisans, and processors. Our mission is to provide a safe space for Bahamians to manufacture, produce, & prepare on a commercial scale for distribution and export.

  • GROW’s founders envision becoming the regional hub for food production and distribution in the Bahamas.  

  • GROW’s ability to connect farmers with producers and distributors, and its strong regional connections, are likely to result in GROW becoming the “go to” source for everything food-related in the region.  

  • It can be both a very profitable business and a source of information and training that lifts up the entire region and dramatically improves its self-sufficiency.

Raising the bar for quality food standards and export

Grow will provide a food testing lab for food products manufactured locally, giving access to local food producers to a viable export market and providing access to an FDA certifiable space.

The cruise lines have committed to spending $2M per year on Bahamian food products that are certified as safe which meet GROW standard of quality.

The lack of an FDA certified kitchen limits the growth potential of Bahamian food producers and continues to make the region dependent on imports. In addition, Bahamian growers lose significant revenue from wastage due to unsold surplus.

An investment in our planet & greener future


With more than 200 acres of onions harvested per a single island and millions of pounds of wastage.

A huge opportunity worth billions across the region

  • The Food Processing Market was valued at USD 143.51 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 235.67 Billion by 2028.

  • Potato’s in 2009 the MAMR created a program to enhance potato farming in the outer islands. Now we have a surplus of potatoes. 

  • The Potato Gluten Free Flour Market size was estimated at $5.6 billion in 2020, projected to increase at a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period 2021-2026. 

  • Dried Onion Market 2021- 3.86 billion 2031- 6.34 billion.

  • With more than 200 acres of onions harvested per a single island and millions of pounds of wastage. 

  • GROW: the processing lab to process flours such as cassava, potato, coconut, pumpkin and onion powders along with commonly produced items such as JAMS, FLOURS, TEAS, CANNED Vegetables & fruits, BOTTLED ITEMS & more.

The first phase of GROW:
more to grow, with markets to prove it

The local food and supply chains in the Bahamas can present many gaps, GROW’s phased in approach is geared to tackle a few core areas that have been resonated by the Government that the country needs and the key needs for food entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. As we grow, each phase will focus on different portions of the Value & Supply Chains with additional ventures being added.

A high-margin & scalable business model

With access to processing space and shared kitchen space, GROW: The Food Lab is in a unique position to serve multiple markets while enhancing the ability of the local farmer and processor to scale up for larger markets. Giving GROW the ability to duplicate the access to high margins through its own production capacity along with its user’s margins.

What’s Next for GROW: The Food Lab ?

We are committed to developing products and services to suit the agricultural industry. While our Funding raise continues on the platform we are behind the scenes creating partnerships with both the private and public sector as well as academia.

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