Next time you walk into your local grocery store, create a tally of how many Bahamian products you may see on the shelves. It is alarming to know that many producers never make it to the shelves of their local stores no matter how popular their products are amongst friends and family. This is because many local businesses and manufacturers lack the production space, packaging, and sometimes the knowledge to present their products to local and international markets. GROW is seeking to create a state-of-the-art internationally certified shared kitchen facility for farmers, processors, manufacturers, local food businesses, and chefs. The facility will be FDA Registered & Compliant “up to code”, fully equipped, and commercially designed to support the production and training needs of our local market. This facility will be used to grow and scale local businesses that require basic services and equipment to expand sales and distribution

We aim to improve the standard of Value-Added products produced and distributed in The Bahamas through training, cultural exchange, networking, access to opportunity and facilities. We will serve as an innovation hub for new ideas and provide individuals a space to explore concepts, products and ideas turning them into profitable operations by providing marketing, research, distribution and business support. The entity is spearheaded by two female entrepreneurs who are currently in the manufacturing and agro processing business and also teach entrepreneurship locally. We have also faced challenges accessing capital, equipment and space. Kentisha & Regina both want to raise the standards of production and explore export opportunities for our products and other locally made products. Our current market consists of farmers, local manufacturers, chefs & caterers , producers & entrepreneurs residing throughout the islands of The Bahamas. The current global crisis has led to the rise in home based businesses and also a greater need for larger facilities and training. GROW will reduce the barrier of entry for many entrepreneurs by eliminating high costs associated with building out and managing a food business and bringing a product to market.